Other services offered include:

  • Heart & Stroke Screening ($199)

       Our Screening includes:
       - Stroke (Carotid Artery)
       - Hypertension
       - Echocardiogram
       - Cholesterol
       - HDL
       - LDL
       - Triglycerides
       - Diabetes Screening
       - Heart Failure Screening
       - Aortic Aneurysm Screening
       - Peripheral Vascular(Legs)
       - See discount offer below

  • The Pharmacy
  • X-ray - routine x-ray films including bone studies, spine x-rays, chest x-rays and abdominal x-rays.
  • Laboratory - routine laboratory testing; Specialty studies are available through outside reference laboratories; in house we provide Coumadin and prothrombin time testing, routine urinalysis and other minor tests. Stat tests are run through our outside reference lab.
  • EKG - resting and stress electrocardiograms are available in office.
  • Ultrasound - our ultrasound machine is capable of performing echocardiograms, vascular studies including artery and vein studies, carotid studies, abdominal studies and testing for blood clots in major veins.
  • Echocardiogram - this is a sound wave picture of the heart and is provided in office.
  • Pulmonary function studies - pulmonary function testing is available in office and tests lung capacity and function.
  • Routine Injections for allergies, immunizations, antibiotics and hormone therapy are available.
  • Specialty Injections - specialty injections such as hormone implants for prostate cancer and birth control can be performed in office. Major joint aspiration and cortisone injections are performed.
  • IV therapy - intravenous therapy for fluid and electrolyte replacement, antibiotics and specialty medications is available. We also offer in office day care for patients with mild disease processes requiring intravenous therapy but not severe enough to require hospitalization.
  • Minor Surgery - our minor surgery capabilities include routine laceration repair, minor wound debridement, skin lesion removal and lancing of abscesses.